What is a credit?

One credit is not equal to one request.

It depends on the model you are using, the length of your query and the amount of words generated.

1 token using GPT-3.5 costs 1 credit

1 token using GPT-4 costs 10 credits

As a rule of thumb: 1000 tokens ≃ 800 english words ≃ 5000 characters.

So, with 200,000 daily credits (PRO plans) you will be able to generate 160,000 english words GPT-3.5 or 16,000 english words with GPT-4 each day.

Not sure what a token is, check our blog post: Understanding OpenAI GPT Tokens.

You can estimate your token consumption with the official OpenAI token calculator.

How can I get credits?

You will receive daily credits with our Premium Plans (see our Pricing page)

You can use those credits in the Chat or in GPT Formulas in Google Sheets

If you need more credits in GPT Formulas, you can activate the Pay Per Usage option that will let you set a budget and pay for your credit usage directly without any limits.

Do daily credits accumulate if unused?

No, daily credits don't accumulated. If you do not use your daily credits they will expire and be replace the next day.

When are credits renewed?

Credits are renewed every 24h.

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