Pay per usage

Pay per usage is only available for our PRO users.

What is pay per usage?

For our PRO plan users only, once you cross the threshold of 200,000 daily credits in Google Sheets GPT formulas, we will block the requests and ask you to activate pay per usage.

Once activated this will let you continue use unlimited credits per day at a cost of $0.006 USD (or subscription currency equivalent) per 1000 credits.

Once activated, pay per usage will only charge for credits used after your included daily quota of 200,000 credits.

Pay per usage credits are non-refundable as they reflect your direct usage of the AI models

How to activate pay per usage?

  1. Open the addon sidebar in Google Sheets via the extensions menu

  2. Click on the wheel on the top right

  3. Then click on "Subscription"

  4. Click on "Activate pay per usage"

How to track my pay per usage spent?

Open the sidebar, click on the settings wheel on the upper right corner, then subscription. You should see the amount of US Dollars that will be billed at the end of the month.

Cost Table with Pay per Usage

CreditsWords generated (english)GPT 3.5GPT 4


≃ 800 words (5,000 characters)




≃ 8,000 words (50,000 characters)




≃ 80,000 words (500,000 characters)



For more details, check our blog post: Understanding OpenAI GPT Tokens.

When will I be billed?

If you have a monthly PRO subscription you will be billed at the same time as your monthly subscription.

If you have a yearly subscription you will be billed every month starting on the day you activated pay per usage.

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