GPT Workspace


Exceeded maximum execution time

OpenAI servers are usually under hefty load and response times are very slow.
If you see this error message, it means your request took more than 30 seconds, exceeding the limit of Google Sheets functions. It happens more frequently at peak usage time when OpenAI servers are taking a lot of loads.
Please try again in a few hours.
You can check the OpenAI status on this page

I can't install the extension

If you try to install the Google Workspace extension by clicking on the install button from the marketplace but after loading the extension is not visible on your sidebar, you might using multiple Google Accounts in the same session.
  1. 3.
    Try installing the addon again from the Workspace Marketplace
If you don't want to create a dedicated Chrome profile, you can install the addon from an incognito window. It will then be installed from your default Chrome Profile.

Response is cut or incomplete

You might have exceeded the prompt limit for ChatGPT which is 4000 tokens.
Please try again with a shorter prompt.

The menu only shows “help”

First, you need to open the addon from the sidebar and authorize the access
Then, refresh your spreadsheet, wait 30 seconds, then try to enable the GPT Functions again

Exception: Service invoked too many times for one day: urlfetch.

notion image
If you see this error message, it means you have reached your daily quota of calls to an external service from Google Sheets.
  • The quota for accounts: 20k / day
  • The quota for Google Workspace accounts: 100k / day
(subject to arbitrary change by Google)
Your only solution is to wait 24 hours or upgrade to a Google Workspace account if it's not already the case.

429: Rate limit reached for […] requests per min.

If you see this error message, it means you have reached your limit of requests per minute.
Wait one minute then retry.

#NAME? Unknown function: 'GPT' or 'gpt’

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If you see this error message, it means you have not enabled the GPT functions.
Solution: Click Extensions > GPT for Docs, Sheets, Slides > Enable GPT functions in this sheet

Formula parse error

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If you see this error message, check that:
  • you have quotes around your prompt if it is not in a cell. This works: =GPT("hello"). This works: =GPT(A1). This doesn't work: =GPT(hello)
  • you are using the right parameter separator for your locale: , or ;
  • you are using the correct number format for temperature for your locale: 0.8 or 0,8
  • your arguments are in the correct order. See our reference here
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